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Former obese couch potato Jeremy Likness (who lost 65 pounds and was a Top 2000 Finisher in the 2000 Body-for-LIFE® competition) reveals everything about permanent weight loss and living a fun, healthy life.

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Being overweight is about much more than just not necessarily looking our best. It is not so much a visual problem as it is a serious health risk. Being overweight can lead to many serious health issues from cardiovascular malfunctions to skyrocketing risk of cancer. When you are overweight you can expect to live a shorter and less satisfying life than those who get regular exercise and have a healthy diet.

However, it is no simple fix like some other medical issues you might have. If you had an earache you might just seek out earache remedies. If you have acid reflux you might look for acid reflux remedies and avoid eating to much of certain foods. If you have oral warts you are going to go get a prescription from your doctor. Even eczema, though it may be an ongoing issue, can be cured with eczema remedies. When you are overweight there is not a quick fix remedy and you shouldn’t try to find one.

You might be tempted to find a ‘quick remedy’ to your weight issues. However, this is not a healthy or realistic choice. Fad diets and ‘cleansings’ are popular today, but don’t work in the long run. Your body goes into shock thinking it is starving and will actually start storing the fat and eating mussel. So you might end up actually gaining weight and when you start eating again you will just gain the weight back. No one can live on lemon water and wheat grass smoothies forever. Even if you manage to keep the weight off with a fad diet you are probably doing major damage to your health. You are not getting the nutrition you need for your body to be healthy and function properly. Weight loss diet patches have become popular weight loss alternatives in recent years. Weight loss diet patches are very similar in appearance to an adhesive bandage.

Plastic surgery may also seem like a very attractive option to immediately get rid of your issues. However, plastic surgery is very painful and can be very dangerous. People do actually die occasionally. As with any other type of surgery, things can go wrong. There is even the less dramatic but still horrible possibility of ending up with disfiguring scares from a botched plastic surgery job. Think you are still willing to risk it? Well if you are just looking for the quick fix, you have changed nothing about yourself and the way you live your life. So the weight will just come back and you will be no healthier than you were before.

Then best way to deal with weight issues is to look at your life and make some simple changes to the way you live it. If you have ever wanted to become pediatrician, you know that children should get plenty of exercise and a balanced diet. It is really important for kids because they are still developing, and the choices they make will have a major impact on their future health. However the same principles apply to individuals of every age. They are not saying you must run marathons regularly and kiss every tasty delight goodbye for diet of bland food. It just means you get out and do active things and don’t over indulge in food that is bad for you. Everything in moderation.

Exercise can actually be fun and also releases stress which will help you live a longer and much happier life. You can light a herbal aromatherapy candles and take a yoga class. It can be hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is relaxing and tones mussel while promoting flexibility. You can go for a bike ride or walk with a friend and enjoy the beautiful weather when it is nice out. If you want you can even really challenger yourself occasionally with strenuous exercise like a kickboxing class, running further than you ever have, or weight lifting. Listening to music or having an exercise buddy also makes your work out more enjoyable and helps you stick with your routine. You could even promise yourself something as a reward, like a foot and calf massager.

The real reward is the results though. You get a major boost in endorphins when you exercise. So with that high, being less stressed, and looking/feeling better than you ever have you are going to love your new life style. It is never to late to start living a healthy life, so why not get started with your new improved life and you today. It is your life and you only get one. Take control of it. Your going to love what it does for you.

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